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  • Be a part of something that is different and special.

  • As a team we will always push
    to be the best on and off the mat. 


  • Learn to stay focused and eliminate distractions.

  • Family, Academics, and then wrestling.

  • You earn the right to be a part of something great by maintaining a healthy family relationship
    and handling your classwork. 


  • Expectations will be set to not only make
    all practices but to be early or on time. 


  • You will give 110% effort to fine tune and learn
    skills to help you win on the mat.


  • Our team goal is to ALWAYS be the
    best we can be as a unit.


  • The bigger and better the team becomes,
    the bigger and better the goals become.


  • We will teach a championship lifestyle.

  • Be first to finish workouts, Be the first person in class, sit in the First Row, Get the best Grades, etc.

  • Be Great in everything that you do.

  • Win with class, lose with class,
    as long as you have class you can’t Lose.


  • We will teach life lessons to develop
    young men and women into great people.



  • Be disciplined. Do the right things
    when nobody is around.


  • Never make yourself, Coaches, Family,
    or School look bad because of a poor choice.


  • Believe in the process.

  • Always give maximum effort.

  • Leave anger and frustrations outside of the club.

  • Always have a positive attitude.

  • Put others up, not down.

  • Always be on time. If you're early you’re on time.

  • Give Adults and Coaches respect.

  • Help keep teammates accountable.

  • Set goals, achieve them, and set more.

  • Maintain the grades you are CAPABLE of.

  • Love your family.

  • Write your own destiny.

  • Never quit, deal with adversity and overcome it.

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